What is Gulf Power’s Reliability?

The Reliability percentage is a tool that displays the percent of Gulf Power customer accounts that currently have power. This gauge provides a near-real-time reflection of Gulf Power’s overall service reliability performance to the more than 430,000 customers it serves.

How frequently is information updated?

The information on the map is updated approximately every 5-10 minutes. The last update time is displayed on the “Summary” section on the left side of the map.

What is Estimated Restoration Time?

We know how important accurate restoration times are for you and your family so we do our best to provide you with accurate information as soon as possible.

When an outage occurs, our system analyzes your outage and provides an Estimated Restoration Time. It’s important to remember that this is a general estimate and the actual time of restoration could be sooner or later than what is initially provided.

As our crews work to assess and restore your power, they may change your Estimated Restoration Time. They may need additional equipment or find the problem is worse than initially thought.

You can check the status of your outage online or from your smart phone.

Does the map reflect only Gulf Power outages?

Yes, this map is a service for Gulf Power customers, and as such, only reflects Gulf Power customer outages. For other utilities in Northwest Florida, we encourage you to contact them directly to check on any service issues.

Does the map have a weather overlay?

Yes, click on the word WeatherBug at the top of the legend and then select the type of appearance you would like.

Why do I need to log in when I click “Check Outage Status”?

In order to protect our customers, we do not provide outage status information at an individual account level without first ensuring that we are speaking with the account holder, and we do this online via our login and registration process. If you have not previously accessed your account information online, setting up a profile and logging in is very simple and takes only a few minutes.

Is the outage map available for smartphones?

Yes, outage maps are available on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, etc. Just go to our Mobile website and select the Outage Map button.

What browser do I need to view the map?

We currently support Internet Explorer – version 8, 9 or 10, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. The browsers supported are based on percentage of users in our market.

What information can I see on the map?

Each of the triangle icons indicates the location of a specific outage. Since outages can affect varying numbers of Gulf Power customers, the icons are color-coded according to the size of the outage. The map legend indicates how many affected customers a particular icon color represents. Each icon also has information on the outage – time, estimated time of restoration and status – crew on site, crew en route, etc.

What types of electrical equipment does Gulf Power use?

There are many devices used in the supply of electricity from the power plant to the customer home or place of business. Some of the devices commonly involved in an outage are fuses, reclosers, transformers or substation breakers. These types of devices will automatically de-energize when a fault is detected – protecting the equipment from overheating.

What are the most common causes of outages?

Most of our customers don’t experience outages, but if you do it is most likely a result of animals, equipment failure, weather or trees.

What happens during a tropical storm or large-scale outage?

Because of the nature of a restoration effort during a tropical storm or large weather event, the outage map will be updated less frequently, during specific times of the day, as information is made available. At this point, we will update the map during periodic times throughout the day, as information is available. Because there is potential for multiple outages in any given location, polygons over areas of the map will be used to highlight outages.

I don’t see an outage symbol near my neighborhood, where’s my outage?

While looking at the map, you may not find an outage indicated directly over your home or business when you are without power. One outage event may affect multiple homes or businesses. The map places the outage symbol near the location of electrical equipment where the outage originates. For example, if multiple customers in the same neighborhood call in to report an outage, we will indicate an outage near that neighborhood. We will not show specific homes and businesses without power for the safety of your home or business. You can think of the icon as representing the “center” of the outage; the outage may cover several streets or, in the case of major events, even miles.

Sometimes, though, there can be a delay before your meter notifies our system and then updates the map. The map updates every 10 minutes, so it doesn’t take long to update. However, if after 15 to 20 minutes, you still don’t see your outage on the map, report the outage by calling 1-800-487-6937. There could also be a problem with your home’s electrical system.

Why can’t the map find my address?

Gulf Power’s map is built on the Bing Maps platform. While Bing strives to update its address database on a consistent basis, some new housing developments may take months to show up on maps.

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