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Damage to Your Home

No power due to structural damage (internal and external)

  • Contact the appropriate inspection office for your area. If electric service has been disconnected from the building because of damage, an electrical inspection may be needed to reconnect service. Contact the appropriate inspection office to verify.
  • Once the inspection is completed, follow up with Gulf Power to make sure your account is still active. Contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-225-5797. Depending upon the amount of time that has passed, your account may be closed. (See additional billing information listed below if your account has been closed.)
  • All inspection approvals are called in to Gulf Power by the appropriate inspection office. Once received, an order will automatically be issued to restore service.

Temporary Service Pole for Rebuilding

  • If a temporary service pole is needed for repairs, it must be inspected before Gulf Power can connect electric service. Contact the appropriate inspection office to request an inspection.
  • An application for service to the temporary service pole must be made with Gulf Power. Contact us at 1-800-225-5797 to place an application for service.

Additional Billing Information

  • If your account has been closed and a new account has been established, the account number will change. Check the following applications to insure the appropriate account number is provided for all personal banking options.

Customer Care Center 1-800-225-5797

  • Auto Pay (EFT)
  • Paperless Billing

Personal Banking (Contact your bank)

  • Online Banking Bill Pay
  • Checkfree

Inspection Office Numbers:

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