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Thank you for helping Gulf Power warn and protect its customers from scams. Please feel free to use the suggested social media copy and hashtags to share across your platforms. And don’t forget to tag us in your posts! Gulf Power Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Suggested Social Media Copy

Phone scams target as many as 17.6 million Americans annually. Don’t fall victim to the tricks of scammers. Gulf Power is sharing how you can #SpotScams.

Gulf Power is reporting an increase in scams involving its customers. Since Jan. 1, the company’s Customer Care Center has received over 400 reports of this criminal activity. Read these tips to help you #SpotScams.

Gulf Power wants to help customers be aware of the tricks scammers use and to educate them on how they can protect themselves and their loved ones from being targeted. #SpotScams

Gulf Power warns customers to be on the lookout. Scammers are becoming increasingly bold with their tactics, and technology is making it easier for them. #SpotScams

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