logo-darkAs one of Pensacola’s largest full-service salons, 10th Avenue Hair Designs is accustomed to making its residents feel beautiful. This family and community minded salon, however, recently turned its attention to making itself more beautifully energy efficient, thereby earning the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) Triple E Award—for Energy Efficiency Efforts for the month of January.

“Due to equipment use, such as washing machines, blow dryers, pedicure chairs, and other equipment, salons and spas can consume a lot of energy on a daily basis,” said PSC Chairman Julie Brown. “The PSC is pleased that 10th Avenue Hair Designs has worked on improving its energy use, which not only saves the salon energy, but hopefully saves its customers money too.”

“Salons are one of the most energy intensive small businesses, and this energy consumption also brings a financial burden with it,” said Dale Moore, salon owner.  “While we can’t completely, eliminate energy and water consumption in our operations, we can reduce our consumption, which is what we’ve done to become a more eco-friendly salon.”

With the help of Gulf Power, 10th Avenue Hair Designs had two Integrated Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) installed replacing two existing gas water heaters in the attic. HPWHs use the ambient surrounding air to collect and gather heat and transfer it to heat water. Since HPWHs cannot operate in the conventional attic because of the extreme temperatures, the hair salon also decided to foam seal the attic, making the upgrade ideal. The new heat pump water heaters are 3.4 times more efficient compared to any conventional gas or electric heater.

“We worked with 10th Avenue Hair Designs—with more than 30 years serving the Gulf Coast—to improve energy efficiency and cut costs,” said Rick DelaHaya, Gulf Power spokesperson. “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and Gulf Power continues to offer Energy Checkups to help local businesses learn about energy efficiency and cut costs.”

Covering the state’s five major geographic areas, each month the PSC presents its Triple E Award to a local business that has accomplished superior energy efficiency. Past recipients include Escambia County’s Langley Bell 4-H Center, Billy Bones restaurant in Panama City Beach, Pensacola’s MainStay Suites, and First United Methodist Church of Crestview.

Covering the state’s five major geographic areas, the PSC awards its Triple E Award every month to a local business that has accomplished superior energy efficiency.

Gulf Power is committed to helping commercial businesses and residents better manage their energy use, added DelaHaya, through energy efficient upgrades and energy checkups that also reduce utility costs and help protect the environment.

“Gulf Power has a long history of working with businesses to help them save energy,” said DelaHaya. “We recognize that controlling expenses is a crucial part of running a business. This is why we are happy to help our customers identify energy-saving solutions to help them save money.”

For more information about Gulf Power’s Energy Checkup and other energy efficient programs, visit MyGulfPower.com or call 1-877-655-4001.