lineworker-2PENSACOLA, Florida – At the turn of the new year, Gulf Power customers’ bills will drop 3 percent thanks to lower natural gas and coal costs.

Today, the Florida Public Service Commission approved Gulf Power’s request to decrease customer’s bills by $4.63, from $148.64 to $144.01 for the average residential customer. This will be the second year in a row Gulf Power customers have seen a decrease in energy bills brought about by careful planning and management of the natural gas and coal the energy provider uses to generate electricity. In 2016 residential energy bills decreased 5 percent.

“This price decrease is great news for our customers, especially as we head into the cold winter months,” said Jeff Rogers, Gulf Power spokesperson. “And because Gulf Power employees have been working hard toward a more balanced energy mix, our customers are able to take advantage of lower fuel prices now, and into the future.”

Every year, the Florida Public Service Commission adjusts Gulf Power’s prices to reflect cost changes in fuel, environmental controls and energy conservation programs.

This decrease comes on the heels of a price increase request to continue to invest in the reliability of Northwest Florida’s energy infrastructure. In October, Gulf Power requested that the Florida Public Service Commission conduct a public review of their prices and a proposed increase that would begin in July 2017. The last time customers saw a price increase was in January 2015, and when compared to those prices, the average residential customer’s monthly bill in July 2017 would increase by only $2.50 per month or less than 2 percent.

“If approved, that requested investment would help secure long-term reliability, continue smart grid improvements, and bolster our goal of achieving a balanced energy mix,” said Rogers. “Along with that request, we’ve asked for approval of new customer rate options designed to make bills more predictable, and greater customer conveniences including an improved online experience, additional payment locations at popular stores and payment kiosks in business offices.”

Gulf Power customers can find additional savings by making their homes more energy efficient. There are many low-cost and no-cost programs to help customers save money and energy available at Customers also can download the Gulf Power app where energy efficiency tips are at their fingertips. Just search Gulf Power in iTunes or the Google Play store.

Gulf Power average residential price changes

January 2009 $143.58  
January 2010 $155.50  
January 2011 $141.66  
September 2011 $146.76 Interim base rate increase
January 2012 $138.29 Clause decrease
March 2012 $134.59 Fuel clause decrease
April 2012 $138.65 Base rate increase
July 2012 $127.64 Fuel clause decrease – one of the largest decreases in company history
January 2013 $130.05 Clause and base rate increase
January 2014 $149.59 Clause increase

Base rate increase (Step 1) largest power grid construction project in company history

January 2015 $156.36 Clause increase

Base rate step increase (Step 2) largest power grid construction project in company history

January 2016 $148.64 Fuel/Conservation clause decrease
January 2017 $144.01 Clause decrease, primarily fuel
July 2017 $158.86 Base rate increase if proposed amount is approved by the FPSC

Monthly price for average residential customers.



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