Whether it’s going out at night to restore power to a single home or thousands after a strong tropical system, Gulf Power lineworkers are committed to serving our customers in Northwest Florida.

That’s why we celebrate and honor our Gulf Power crews on Lineworker Appreciation Day on Thursday, Aug. 26.

Through thunderstorms, tornadoes and tropical storms, the approximately 180 Gulf Power lineworkers have been busy this year.

“Our lineworkers do such an incredible job each day. It’s amazing to see their professionalism and high level of commitment to our customers and each other,” said Mike Spoor, Gulf Power’s vice president. “We appreciate the important work they do to be there when our customers need them most, as well as the families who support them when they have to be away from home.”

One of Gulf Power’s lineworkers, Darryl Davis of Pensacola, says he enjoys his job because he gets to work outside and help customers.

“You see different situations every time you go out. That’s what I like about it,” said Davis, who has been with Gulf Power for 6 ½ years. “You get to move around. I like trying to figure out what the issue is and get the customer’s power back on.”

While lineworkers work daily to maintain high reliability levels to Gulf Power customers, they have responded to other severe weather events this year.

  • In June, crews worked safely and quickly to restore power to almost 24,000 customers here in Northwest Florida when Tropical Storm Claudette blew strong winds and heavy rain into the area.
  • And just last week, crews responded to get the lights back on for customers in the Panama City and surrounding areas when Tropical Storm Fred knocked out power to just under 20,000 customers. Both responses took less than 24 hours to restore power to essentially all customers.

“You get to help them back to living normal,” Davis said. “You get to work with teammates to achieve a goal of getting the lights on. It’s a different atmosphere.”

The storm restoration events help lineworkers hone their skills, so they are prepared when a thunderstorm knocks out power to a neighborhood. And their efforts are recognized. Earlier this year the company was recognized for its restoration efforts during 2020 following Hurricane Sally.

“Our lineworkers live in our communities and they know how important it is to get the power on safely and as quickly as possible,” Spoor said. “That’s the mark of a great team and our Gulf Power lineworkers are among the best in the business.”