Gulf Power’s restoration team has worked diligently to determine additional detailed restoration estimates, resulting in shortened times for parts of Bay County. These changes are reflected in the new restoration map.  In addition, the Youngstown N. Hwy. 231 area has been added to the more than 65,000 families and businesses in Bay County whose power has been restored.

multiple bucket trucks and crews working on power poles after Hurricane Michael
Alabama Power crews working on 7th Avenue of Panama City, Florida for Hurricane Michael restoration

There are many drivers that determine the estimated restoration times for each area reflected on the new map. The location of Gulf Power’s substations and major distribution corridor, and extent of devastation – including electric system, debris and road access – all factor into the estimated times. Areas denoted by the colors gray, purple and gold now have restoration times sooner than the original Oct. 24 estimate.

Gulf Power continues to consolidate crews into the hardest-hit areas that suffered the full force of Hurricane Michael, indicated by the color red on the map, to ensure the estimated restoration time of Oct. 24 is achieved for 95% of the customers that can safely take electric service. For areas that experienced the most significant impact of Michael’s eye wall, the path to restoring power is a complete rebuild of the electric system that was destroyed by the 155+mph winds.

Pike Electric workers assist Gulf Power with the recovery from Hurricane Michael
Pike Electric workers assist Gulf Power with the recovery from Hurricane Michael

“Because of the tireless work and great progress that has been made since the start of this rebuilding effort, we’ve been able to look at each area of Bay County to determine where we could shorten restoration estimates. We are happy to deliver good news to many of our customers that power will be restored sooner than expected” said Stan Connally, Gulf Power chairman, president and CEO. “Our storm restoration team, that is 7,500 strong, is focused on completing this rebuilding effort as they continue working in the most devastated areas.”


Estimated Restoration Times

Estimated restoration times as of Oct. 21, 2018
Estimated restoration times as of Oct. 21, 2018

Estimated Restoration Times Map

Customers can find their estimated restoration time for their home or business by going to our Outage Map online and following the below instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the SEARCH button
  3. Type your address into the search box
  4. The map will display your submitted address marked with a blue flag icon
  5. Click on the nearest outage icon or colored outage area covering your address
  6. The “Estimated Restoration” time will be listed at the top of the “Outage Information” box

“We know that we are not the only ones rebuilding in the community. As we continue to work in the heart of the most devastated areas, we recognize the challenge our customers are facing to rebuild their homes and businesses,” said Connally. “For many, this process will take weeks, months and even years, but our Gulf Power team will still be here when our customers are ready. This is our home too, and we will rebuild together.”


Current storm-related outage total as of 8 a.m. CDT

CountyOutagesCustomers Served
Santa RosaRESTORED72,563



Preparing for power:

Information on damage to your home's service connection
Service Connection Damage
  1. Know what you need to repair
    • Homeowners and businesses are responsible for electrical equipment attached to the house (service stack, attachment hardware, riser and meter box).
    • Gulf Power is responsible for the wire or service line to the house and the electric meter.
    • If the homeowner’s equipment is damaged, repairs will be needed before Gulf Power can connect service. More information.
  2. Keep area near and around power poles clear of debris
    • As customers clean up from the storm, it is important to keep all debris at least 10 ft. away from all electrical equipment, such as power wires and poles or the green padmount box on the ground.
    • It is especially important not to place debris on top of the green padmount box. This can make it difficult for lineworkers to perform connection work and can present a danger during debris removal.
  3. Transfer/Reconnects
    • For customers that need to transfer their service due to Hurricane Michael, visit or call 1-800-225-5797.
    • The Account Establishment Charge will be waived for residential customers relocating within Gulf Power’s service area due to Hurricane Michael.
    • The AEC will also be waived when the customer reconnects service at the original premise location, following repairs or rebuilding. This does not apply to temporary service poles.
  4. Disconnects
    • For customers who will no longer be able to safely take power due to severe damage from Hurricane Michael, visit or call 1-800-225-5797 to disconnect your home.



Stay Connected with Gulf Power

  • To get the latest updates on outages, customers can download Gulf Power’s app and access the outage map for the latest restoration information. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android. Just search for “Gulf Power” in iTunes or the Google Play Store.
  • Visit and click on the outage map for restoration updates.
  • Customers can follow Gulf Power updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram#RebuildingTogether #RestoringHope #PowerofTeamwork #FloridaStrong
  • Gulf Power knows when your power is out. However, you can call 1-800-487-6937 if you have any questions about your outage.