Pensacola Habitat for Humanity received $100,000 grant from the Gulf Power Foundation who also partnered with them for the new Pensacola Habitat for Humanity Weatherization and Repair Assistance Program (WRAP), which launched May 17.

This new program will allow Pensacola Habitat to make weatherization and emergency repair assessments for Gulf Power customers who meet the qualifications for WRAP and help those homeowners in making some of those repairs.

“Pensacola Habitat is known for our leadership in addressing the community’s affordable housing needs. Partnering with an amazing community organization such as the Gulf Power Foundation is a crucial step in continuing our commitment to ensure safe and affordable housing options for our community.” explains Sam Young, CEO of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity.

Gulf Power is not new at partnering with Pensacola Habitat. For many years they have supported Pensacola Habitat’s efforts for providing affordable homeownership options in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties through Pensacola Habitat’s Community Contribution Tax Credit Program (CCTCP), annual Women Build, and many other builds and projects.

Heating and cooling costs are often the largest part of a customer’s energy bill. Making repairs or upgrades to a home’s insulation or heating and cooling system can help reduce their monthly bill.

“Programs like WRAP are a great way to help homeowners make repairs to their homes that will improve the sustainability of their home, including energy efficiency improvements,” said Sandy Sims, executive director for the Gulf Power Foundation. “The Gulf Power Foundation is proud to be able to work with organizations like Pensacola Habitat for Humanity that are helping our communities in Northwest Florida.”

To learn more about what you can do around your house to improve energy efficiency, take the online Energy Checkup, this free tool and help evaluate your home’s energy use. Check it out here. You can also learn more about energy use on the Gulf Power website.

For more information about how you can partner with Pensacola Habitat for Humanity or about the programs that Pensacola Habitat offers for the community, please visit