PENSACOLA, Florida – Gulf Power crews are returning home safely today from New Jersey after restoring power to thousands of customers that were left in the dark following Hurricane Isaias. Gulf Power sent nearly 70 lineworkers and support personnel, along with another nearly 50 contractors, to help assist FirstEnergy to restore electric service and aid in the recovery efforts following the storm that knocked out more than 3 million customers from North Carolina to Maine.

Crews worked 16-hour days in difficult conditions to restore power in northeast New Jersey, about 30-35 miles east of New York City. Gulf Power crews helped restore power to more than 7,000 homes and businesses. Gulf Power joined its sister company, Florida Power & Light, which sent approximately 450 employees and contractors as well.

“We understand what the customers are going through, and how difficult it is to be without power – especially in the midst of the pandemic, when we are all spending more time at home,” said Gulf Power President Marlene Santos. “Just like when utilities came from all over the nation to help us after Hurricane Michael, Gulf Power employees have the experience and stand ready to lend support. It’s been a busy hurricane season already, and I am so proud of our men and women for leaving their families to help other communities during a time of need.”

Before making the decision to send help, Gulf Power makes sure its customers are taken care of and that no other storms are on the immediate horizon.

Providing mutual assistance after natural disasters is a hallmark of the energy industry. Gulf Power has made more than 50 trips over the years to assist other utilities. Crews assisted FPL after Isaias brushed along Florida’s east coast, and earlier this year Gulf Power supported Alabama Power following a series of tornadoes.