Gulf Power stands ready to respond to any potential power outages as Hurricane Zeta nears the Gulf Coast. Even as weather bands move through later today, lineworkers will respond to power outages and restore power as long as it is safe to do so, which is usually if winds are under 35 mph.

Hurricane Zeta is currently projected to make landfall west of the Florida Panhandle, but tropical storm force winds extend out up to 150 miles from the center reaching most of Gulf Power’s customers. Although our customers may not see the structural damage we saw with Hurricane Sally, it is important to understand that these strong winds can still cause flying debris and falling limbs that can lead to power outages. On top of this, Hurricane Sally has weakened trees and branches that can easily blow into power lines as weather bands from Zeta move through the area. This is another reason why it is so important for customers to be prepared to possibly be without power.

Gulf Power has secured additional crews to help restore power from Hurricane Zeta.

A storm restoration workforce of more than 2,300 strong, including approximately 1,000 Gulf Power personnel and contractors and an additional 1,300 lineworkers, tree trimmers and support personnel – the vast majority from sister company Florida Power & Light – are prepositioned to immediately begin the process of restoring power from outages caused by Zeta. If the storm’s impact proves greater than currently anticipated, Gulf Power has additional FPL teams ready to travel to quickly ramp up restoration efforts.

“We will continue to work throughout the storm as long as it’s safe, and once the storm has passed, our team will work around the clock until all customers have power again,” said Marlene Santos, president of Gulf Power. “We have a proven restoration plan, and we want our customers to know that our commitment to serve you is unwavering – just as it has been every time severe weather has threatened our area.”

Continue to stay vigilant on safety

With the storm effects expected to occur mostly during the evening, Gulf Power wants to ensure the safety of every customer.

  • Do not venture out in the dark after the storm passes as it will be hard to see hidden dangers like downed power lines.
  • Always assume that downed power lines are energized and stay away.
  • If the downed power line is causing an emergency, please call 911; otherwise, report downed lines to Gulf Power at 1-800-GU-POWER (487-6937).
  • Preparation and safety tips including generator safety are available at com/Storm.

Safety also includes adhering to COVID-19 best practices. In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, our plan includes many precautionary measures for the safety of our customers and our restoration workforce. This includes daily health screenings for restoration personnel, personal protective equipment and social distancing as much as possible. We want to remind customers to please stay at least 6 feet away from our restoration crews to ensure safety for all.

Keeping our customers informed

In the wake of a hurricane, we know you need as much information as possible so you can make decisions for you and your family. Every hurricane is different, but our goal is to get you information that is accurate as soon as possible. We will share the best, most up-to-date information we have as quickly as possible through traditional media, social media, and the Gulf Power app.

Additional resources

Connect with us 

The easiest way to stay informed and report an outage after a severe weather event is the Gulf Power mobile app. Customers can download the Gulf Power app for on-the-go, instant and secure access to their accounts, and to report or get the latest information on an outage. The app is available for download free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Gulf Power communicates restoration information to customers frequently through the news media and the following resources: