Gulf Power provided its customers with the most reliable service in the company’s history in 2020 and has improved reliability by 50% over the past two years.

Gulf Power’s annual reliability report, filed today with the Florida Public Service Commission, shows that key industry metrics the company uses to track its electric service were better in 2020 than ever before*, including the average amount of time a Gulf Power customer experienced an outage; the average number of outages; and the average number of momentary interruptions or flickers.

The best-ever performance is due in large part to the company’s continuing investments to make the energy grid stronger, smarter and more reliable.

Florida Power & Light, which Gulf Power is now a part of, also filed a reliability report today that shows significant improvements in 2020.

“Our customers are experiencing fewer outages than ever before and that’s a testament to our dedicated employees and our effort to improve our grid,” said Gulf Power Vice President Mike Spoor. “We have a robust plan in place to continue to improve reliability, lowering the number and the length of outages.”

Gulf Power’s reliability has improved 70% over the last 10 years through investments to improve the energy grid, such as adding smart grid devices, adding stronger poles and storm hardening. In 2020, the company was awarded the ReliabilityOne® Award for Outstanding Reliability Performance in the Southeast suburban/rural service area, presented by PA Consulting to recognize the best suburban/rural service area investor-owned utilities in the United States.

“An additional benefit is that as part of FPL, we are implementing its proven best practices to reduce outages even more,” Spoor said. “It’s an ongoing effort to deliver the best reliability that we can for our customers.”

* Per Florida Public Service Commission rules, extreme weather-related outages, such as hurricanes, are not included in certain industry metrics.)