PENSACOLA, Fla. —  Among many worries during a storm or tropical event is being able to provide a meal for yourself or your family. Gulf Power is joining forces with Florida Power & Light Company in a statewide effort to work with Councils on Aging to help the elderly population be ready for a storm.

With the 2021 storm season off to an active start, Gulf Power and FPL have kicked off its Hurricane Preparedness Meal Kit program to help highlight the importance of being prepared. Kits are being provided throughout the state. Here in Northwest Florida, Gulf Power is working with the Council on Aging of West Florida, Manna Food Bank, Florida Council on Aging and ARC Gateway. The meal kits are being provided to existing clients of the Council on Aging of West Florida, who are 60 and older and primarily homebound.

“We are so grateful to the Gulf Power and FPL team for making this possible,” said Josh Newby, marketing director at Council on Aging of West Florida. “Among the food-insecure in the aftermath of severe weather, elder adults rank among the most vulnerable. Many are unable to get around, and still others are simply unable to afford 72 hours-worth of food ahead of time. This relief helps address those concerns and ensures that our area’s seniors will be taken care of until help arrives, should the worst happen this hurricane season.”

The hurricane preparedness meal kits include three days of shelf-stable foods for three meals per day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks and water. FPL and Gulf Power are partnering with the Florida Council on Aging and local partner agencies.

The Council on Aging of West Florida serve about 2,200 seniors in the area and has an “indirect” impact on about 10,000 caregivers.

“There are so many things you have to focus on in the wake of a tropical event, that having a meal shouldn’t be one, especially for the elderly in our area,” said Mike Spoor, vice president of Gulf Power. “Our mission, especially during a storm, is to support our communities where we live and work. Efforts like this are just one way we can try to help our customers be ready for storm season.”

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Storm season under way

We are only one month in, but the 2021 season is already active. Tropical Storm Claudette earlier this month was a reminder of that. Make sure to stay connected with us, so you are informed about the weather and our efforts.

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