Restoring hope after Hurricane Michael
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Gulf Power employees, Hurricane Michael survivors remain thankful this Thanksgiving

On Oct. 10, 2018, Northwest Florida was devastated by Hurricane Michael when it made landfall through Bay County with winds in excess of 155 mph, ripping through everything in its path. The cities of...

Smart home gadgets give customers power over their energy use

Technology has made it possible to do just about anything. You can video chat with a loved one across the globe, track your daily steps through your wristwatch and even lock your car with...

The road to Hurricane Michael recovery begins with accepting a new normal

As soon as we absorbed the full impact of how Hurricane Ivan in 2004 had derailed our lives, the words, ‘I can’t wait for my life to get back to normal,’ spilled from our...

Gulf Power engineer stares down eye of Maria, helps restore power

Gulf Power, along with the rest of the Nation, is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month to recognize and celebrate the contributions, culture and heritage of Hispanic and Latino Americans. The observation begins September 15 in...
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