As we celebrate National Arbor Day, Gulf Power is highlighting the important work of the company’s team of specially trained arborists, who help ensure reliable service for customers while caring for the health of trees.

Trees and vegetation blowing into overhead power lines are a leading cause of power flickers and outages. To keep lines clear so the company can keep the lights on for its customers, Gulf Power’s trimming program is guided by arborists who understand the many species of trees across Northwest Florida and make sure pruning follows science-based standards to preserve the long-term health of trees.

Trees and other vegetation blowing into power lines are a leading cause of power outages.

“Trimming trees and other vegetation on a regular rotation is one of the ways that we help prepare our energy grid for hurricane season – but it’s important that while doing so, we remain good stewards of the environment and the trees,” said Shawn Flory, leader of vegetation operations for Gulf Power. “We love trees and understand their importance, which is why we want to work with customers to identify the right species and right location for trees near our power lines.”

Working with Florida Power & Light Company, Gulf Power promotes Right Tree, Right Place guidelines that encourage people to plant trees in appropriate settings by considering how high a tree will grow, how far its canopy will extend and other factors. When the right tree is planted in the right place, it won’t grow near power lines and cause outages and safety issues.

To help ensure reliable service for customers, property owners should maintain their trees so they remain away from power lines. As many customers trim vegetation in advance of the upcoming hurricane season, Gulf Power and FPL remind customers to never try to trim vegetation near power lines or on poles – they should hire specially trained and qualified line-clearing professionals to work near power lines.

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